Where to buy wooden crafts in Bhaktapur?

Exquisite Peacock window for souvenir

We, to this date, have been living with the large history and contribution of our ancestors. All of their abilities and skills, as the heritage sites are raining down on us like a shower of blessings. Among these, wooden crafts, in particular, have some beautiful impacts on our lives.

These kinds of wooden artworks could be found in many locations across Bhaktapur. However, unlike the carvings of struts and windows, you’ll come across a variety of decorative keepsakes along the way.

Gift shops could feature little animal figurines, peacock windows, wooden puppets, wooden ties, and a variety of other products. Intricacies and faultless finishing can be found on them because they are all handmade and prepared using local ingredients.

The wooden crafts are highly valued in Bhaktapur, which is famed for its arts and architecture. As a result, Bhaktapur is home to some of the greatest woodwork crafts from the 17th century like the peacock window of Tachapal. In some of these stores, you might even witness the artisans themselves working on carvings.

While wandering about Bhaktapur, you could stop by those shops. And, yes, these shops are unlikely to be found on Google Maps.

  • GS Wood Craft
    Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Bhaktapur
    Gyan Sunadar Banmanu (+977-9841-753204), gsbanmanu@gmail.com
    -Following the eastern street from Bhaktapur Durbar Square (On your left-hand-side)

    Right before this shop, you could find another woodcraft shop following the Singing bowl shop. We are referring to this shop at first because you could witness the artisan himself doing woodcarving here.
  • Layaku Woodcrafts
    -Same lane as GS Wood Craft
  • New Treasure Himalaya Art and Craft Collection
    This souvenir shop comparatively has a larger collection of wooden crafts. And it is located between Taumadhi Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. There is a narrow alley connecting these two squares on the west of Nyatapola temple.
  • Mulmi crafts
    Located at Bolachhen, way to the Pottery Square from Bhaktapur Durbar Square.
  • Peacock Handicrafts
    Located at Dattatraya Square.

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