What to buy in Bhaktapur as Handicrafts?

Classic Black Thaili

One among the many amazes about Bhaktapur definitely is the handicrafts that it produces. There are so many things that are handily produced in Bhaktapur. They are somehow more appropriate to be decorated and giftings. Thus, you can choose to buy them for the best giftings.


Hakupatasi, a black woven sari with a classic red border made all by hands is worn by the Newar peoples of Nepal. Although they are not regularly worn as they used to be yet they could be a perfect gift to give any Newar amigo of yours. Moreover, it symbolizes the Newar culture so time and again anyone can wear them to represent the Newari culture.

Bhadgaule Topi

Just like the Hakupatasi, the Bhadgaule Topi also symbolizes the Newari culture. The classic black colour of it made it likewise a classy yet traditional cap. On top of that, it resembles the sign of Gorkha (two khukuris crossing over each other). That was possibly added later on it after the unification of Nepal.

This could also be a good gift to give someone who loves Nepal.

Wooden artefacts

You can find wooden artefacts all over the Kathmandu Valley but most likely in the tourist destination. And, Bhaktapur is no exception to that. You can find various souvenir shops in Bhaktapur too that sell wooden artefacts.

However, the crafts that you would be looking at in Bhaktapur are exceptionally beautiful and grand. The Aakhijhyals are one of the best souvenirs that you can find as a wooden artefacts. But, with that, you can find many big and small sculptures of God and Goddesses along with the sculptures of different animals.

Clay crafts

There is no doubt that Bhaktpur is just awesome when it comes to pottery. They might be the most fragile handicrafts to transfer but are immensely beautiful too. Especially the sculptures made out of clay, the masks and the other decorative crafts, they just made us think that clay crafts really are awesome.

If you wish to buy clay crafts then you must once visit the clay crafts otherwise, you can see our collections of clay crafts.

Bronze sculptures

Nowadays, most the bronze sculptures of God and Goddesses are sold as souvenirs whereas back some centuries ago, they were bought for worshipping purposes only. Nepal, being a Hindu country and a follower of statue worshippers, it was common to buy a statue of a god or goddess and actually worship them.

And, today that trend becomes a gifting one.

Thanka Paintings

Thanka Paintings are one of the most beautiful things that you can buy in Nepal. They seem to have some aesthetic meanings in each of them. And, they surely depict the perfection of arts.

It is simply the best gift to give anyone. If you want to get one for yourself, then you can visit one of the Thanka Painting Schools in Bhaktapur. There, you could also encounter the process of doing Thanka Painting.

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