Follow these hacks and stop regretting your souvenir purchases

Souvenirs in Nepal

It’s normal to want to bring home a souvenir from each trip, but how do you know what to buy and what to leave behind? However, we frequently have regrets after making a purchase. This topic, while seemingly insignificant, makes a lot of sense if you enjoy buying keepsakes that eventually make you regret them after a while.

That is why we have come up here with some simple hacks that could help invest your money in good souvenirs and never regret buying them, possibly from any corner of the world.

First, bother to do a little research

If you are travelling to a foreign land, then you surely do some prior study of that place. During that process, you should also do some research about the souvenirs. What actually are the authentic things of that place and how they are made or what are their importance? This would help you a lot to make decisions on what exactly to buy.

Secondly, seek handmade products

It goes without saying that you would spend a lot of money on handicrafts. So, why not spend it on something unique, such as handcrafted items? On the one hand, it provides you with the best keepsake, and on the other, it benefits the artists who display their skills in it.

Handmade souvenirs are made with great care and attention to detail. As a result, they already have a niche.

The replica of Buddha made of clay
PC: Bhaktapurshop.com

If possible, choose a useful one

It’s not a terrible idea to acquire some practical things rather than showy souvenirs, that might become a showpiece for a while before being kept in storerooms.

That is not to argue that you should not spend money on decorative objects. Instead, I recommend purchasing aesthetic pieces that you can view every day on your display and never grow tired of, such as Thanka paintings, stone or wood sculptures, miniature mythological animal sculptures, and so on.

An earthen pot
PC: Bhaktapurshop.com

Aside from that, you might purchase a variety of helpful items such as handmade papers, local clothing and shoes, ornaments, and more.

Choose wisely with whom and where to buy the products

There are numerous places where you may get souvenirs, but you must decide where to purchase them. After all, you’re spending money on it. We recommend purchasing handicrafts from local craftsmen for this purpose. If at all feasible, purchase from the place where they are made.

You could enlist the assistance of your guide for this. However, you must first hire a local guide. Besides, buying from artisans themselves make you feel like contributing to something far better.

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