Bhaktapur Shop is platform to sell handmade and alike unique products from Bhaktapur.

We love encouraging the revival of old craft skills and welcoming any aspirant who wishes to foster a culture of using Nepalese handicrafts. Products are directly from factory.

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Uplift local businesses

We prefer to encourage and try to uplift the local handicraft business, particularly in Bhaktapur, with the start-up of this firm.

Promote Nepalese Handicrafts

We also promote any and all local handicrafts accessible in Nepal. Nepal is brimming with craftspeople, and we want to help them.

Acknowledge the artisans

We also tend to recognize and reward specific craftsmen whose creations we sell after a certain point of sale.

Encourage online purchasing and gifting

While every industry on the earth is going digital, we believe we should likewise support digital shopping.


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